Fruity and the Tweet

A rose will die...

A modern twist on a tale as old as time

Fin - Hero 2.png

Fin, a young gay man with an affinity for activism, locks horns with the town’s xenophobic Mayor, Agatha Bliss. Fin's entire world turns upside down when his secret relationship with Bastion, the Mayor’s golden boy, is exposed by a scandalous tweet.


Fin must confront homophobia, eradicate ignorance and separate fact from fake news. What happens when diversity is challenged and social norms are tested?

Inspired by Disney's Beauty & the Beast, Fruity & the Tweet explores the absurd and tragic consequences of intolerance - biting satire with a heart of rose-gold.

Created by Stephen Zappia & Joe Kiely

Music by Joe Kiely

Lyrics by Stephen Zappia & Joe Kiely

Book by Stephen Zappia